Month Four

Iris still hasn’t popped any teeth. Still won’t sleep through the night. Isn’t quite crawling yet. Either way, the days have been extremely rewarding as her personality is coming out more and more each day. She’s a super sweet, fun loving cuddlebug. Time is flying. My heart is so full. In like two weeks she…… Continue reading Month Four

Month Three

So, obviously it’s been awhile, but let’s just say a combination of work being all consuming and losing my laptop charger is to blame. Iris turned four months yesterday so I figured it’s time to capture the happenings of her third month because it has been an exciting one! Little one doesn’t want to use…… Continue reading Month Three

Week 10

My baby is in the double digits and I only have a week left at home with her! It’s been a doozy of a week for me personally, but Iris has been rather chill. If anything she’s become a professional raspberrier, and she still despises tummy time. “You’re torturing me please stooooop!” Naturally, I am…… Continue reading Week 10

Week 9

The transition between vacation and real life has actually been pretty difficult. Iris came back and stopped sleeping through the night once again. She went from being extremely independent last week to wanting to be soothed and held constantly. Despite being exhausted I’m really enjoying this bonding time. Every night has varied quite a bit,…… Continue reading Week 9